International Events

* In response to the geopolitical situation resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Advantix Ltd made the decision to halt activities related to promoting business ties with Russia. The events organised by Advantix Ltd in Russia had previously covered diverse sectors such as mining and metals, pharmaceuticals, digital technologies, real estate, and capital markets.

Organisation of Tailored Events

Organisation of Exhibitions

Exhibitions organised by Advantix and its partners are held within the framework of conferences and forums, extending opportunities for the presentation of technologies, equipment and projects. Depending on the format of events, the number of exhibitors vary from 10 to 100 companies. Exhibitions frequently provide platforms for organising auxiliary events e.g. product demonstrations, master classes, HR fairs, contests and speed-meetings. In cooperation with specialised companies, we provide exhibitors with a full range of service, including design, printing, logistics, translation, promotion and personal representation.


Organisation of Industry Competitions

Organisation of Multilingual Online and Hybrid Events